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Welcome to poshpupspa.com!

Thank you for choosing poshpupspa.com, we are happy to welcome you to the poshest spa in the GTA. Posh Pup Spa’s Mission is to have your pet feeling and looking fabulous. We aim to delight clients with our innovative, high-end pet spa services and all-natural products.

Please have a look around and if our website does not answer all your questions feel free to contact us by phone or email.

To make your pup’s check-in EXPRESS feel free to fill out our Client and Pet Information Sheet. Also, please read and sign our Pet Release Form. Be sure to print it out and bring it with you to your pup’s Spa appointment.

Every pet entering Posh Pup Spa must show proof of current vaccinations. Also, before entering the spa all dogs should be toileted and brought in on a leash.

We ask that you please scroll down on every page as there is content at the
bottom of some of the pages that is likely to be looked over! Thank you.

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Print out these two sheets and fill them out to bring in upon your arrival to Posh Pup Spa!


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Print out these two sheets to read and sign before you arrive to Posh Pup Spa!


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