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What Does “Matted” Mean?

What happens after I leave my dog with you?

1 - We start with a 5 min head massage to unwind
your pup, then we brush out their coat and remove any mats.

2 - If your dog will be receiving a clip we will do a
rough-clip to remove any excess hair.

3 - We then give them a Pawdicure (trim their nails)
and pluck and clean their ears.

4 - Your dog is now ready for bathing. We will select
an appropriate shampoo from our range of all-natural shampoos.

5 - Once washed and thoroughly rinsed your dog will
receive a hand fluff dry by air-temperature controlled dryers.

6 - Your dog is now ready for his/her finish clip & scissor.

7 - Once finished additional touches such as cologne,
bows and a bandana are included.

8 - Your pup is now ready to be picked up, thank you.

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What if my dog is aggressive towards other dogs?

Please let us know if your pup is aggressive when booking your appointment.
If necessary we may be able to schedule an appointment when we do not have
other dogs in the spa.

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Can I bring some treats with my dog?

Yes. We encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog; we also have
our own all- natural treats to give your pups for being so good. You are also welcome
to bring one of your dog’s favourite toys or blanket to help him/her feel more at home.

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Will my dog be put in a cage?

We are a non cage facility but we do have a couple cages in case there is an aggressive
dog in the spa. At which time we may have to put your dog in a cage for safety
reasons. Otherwise dogs will wait for their owners to pick them up in Posh Pup
Spa’s “Zen Den” (leash free area) or they are leashed on our puppy post. For safety
reasons we can not let the dogs run loose with other dogs.

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I wont be able to make my appointment, What do I do?

Please call us right away to re-schedule. We ask for at least 24 hours notice so we can
attempt to fill your slot. Customers who do not give 24 hours notice will be required to
pay a fee of $25.00 on their next visit.

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Do you pamper cats?

Services unavailable at this time.

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Do you provide daycare/boarding?

Daycare or boarding is unavailable at this time.

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How do I find your shop?

We are located in Brampton at 211 Queen Street W. To find our Spa, travel on Queen
Street West and look for us on the South/West side of Queen Street W. Just three houses
West of McMurchy Avenue South (intersection of Queen Street W and McMurchy
Avenue South). If you would like to view a map, please click here.

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My dog needs the hair inside its ear canal removed…

Ear hair plucking is included with your pups spa menu treatments.

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My dog has fleas…

Dogs that have fleas will be washed with a flea shampoo that will kill all
fleas at the owner’s expense. We will also provide recommendations to
prevent and control further problems.

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What is hand scissoring?

At Posh Pup Spa we prefer to hand scissor rather then shaving your dog
down. Hand scissoring at Posh Pup Spa is first done with a snap on comb that
will take off the length you want taken off and then we will go over the entire
body with scissors and a comb to even it out and give it a scalped like look.

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Do you do Hand Stripping?

Only if the client has been hand stripped since it was a puppy.
Extra charges apply.

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How long will it take?

This all depends on the individual pup, coat condition, age, temperament,
breed and style. When we meet your dog we can discuss any relevant issues,
as each client is different. Our main concern is the welfare of your pet while in
our care and to make it an enjoyable experience for them. In general, a Spa
Treatment lasts two hours.

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How can I take care of my dog in between groomings?

Your pup should be brushed everyday, especially if he has long hair. If your
dog has a short coat, it helps to brush him 2-3 times a week, even if he doesn’t
like it. Be firm with your dog. If he/she cries, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re
hurting him/her. It’s often an easy way out for him/her so you will stop the grooming.
Brushing is essential to keeping your dog’s coat healthy and glowing. It eliminates
mats and tangles, removes dead hair and dirt and also distributes natural oils to
help promote a healthy skin tone. Not keeping up with your pet’s home grooming
results in having to de-mat him/her or a shave down. De-matting is a very
unpleasant process for your dog and is unnecessary if proper steps are taken
to keep him/her from becoming matted. Do not give your dog a bath without
drying and combing him thoroughly and completely. A bath without a brush-out
results in tangles and mats. Be firm with your dog and let him/her know you are
Alfa (the leader) and that it is unacceptable to bite during the brushing process.
Proper tools are very important to good grooming, so ask your Pet Stylist
what is best for your dog.

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Can you give my dog medication?

No, we cannot administer any medications.
Please see your vet for these services.

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Will my pet be muzzled?

Dogs will be muzzled only after they show signs of aggression. If the aggression is
only demonstrated while completing one part of the process (i.e. they may bite while
trimming their nails) then we will only use the muzzle for that period.
Muzzles are only used for the safety of your pet and the pet stylist.

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My dog just needs its nails clipped…Do I need an appointment?

No! Walk-Ins are welcome, but if you like you can give us a call to let us know
you are coming. It takes approx. 10 min for the “Pawdicure” treatment. We clip and
file your pups nails, plus we provide a paw massage with a paw balm to make sure
they have the poshest paws in town!

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Does the Spa Treatment include nails and Anal glands?

All our Spa Treatments include a Pawdicure (nails). The only exception to this is dogs
that become overly aggressive to the point where it would be unsafe for us to provide
this service. Anal glands are not offered, because groomers can only express the anal
glands externally. This is risky and the glands can be further impacted or damaged.
The productive and safe way is to be expressed internally,
which must be done by a vet.

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What if my dog is timid or nervous?

We will be happy to help with nervousness. Our professional pet stylists are trained
and have extensive experience in working with timed and/or nervous pups. We
always have soft spa music playing which dogs find soothing and creates a peaceful
atmosphere. All dogs are given individual attention and are pampered straight
through. This enables them to be picked up within a few hours, as apposed
to being left all day.

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Do you pamper large breeds?

YES! We love big dogs!
We are always happy to work with breeds such as Newfoundland’s, St. Bernard’s,
Great Danes, Mastiffs and all the other large breeds most groomers turn away.

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How much will it cost?

Charges will vary depending on the breed of dog and condition of their coat.
When you call for an appointment we can give you an estimate price, which is based
on the information you provide. Given that clients may not realize the true condition
of their pet’s coat, we cannot guarantee our estimates. However, the price usually
falls within the price-range of the estimate given. The following is taken into
consideration when establishing a price:

-Average Size/Coat Condition
-Groomed Regularly
-Kept Groomed Between Trims

Additional charges may apply for:
-Non-Standard Breed Size and/or Coat
-Matted Coats
-Trimming Beyond Standard For Breed
-Non Co-operative Behaviour
-Aggressive Behaviour

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We carry all-natural based pup cosmetics including shampoos, conditioners,
perfumes etc. by our Canadian Supplier “Woof Cosmetics” and American Supplier
“Happytails Spa Line.”

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When should I start getting my Puppy pampered?

As soon as a puppy has completed their vaccinations
they should start making regular visits to the spa.

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What Kind of Information do you ask for when I drop my dog off?

Required information will include your name, address, phone number’s, Dogs name,
breed, age, any health & behaviour information, veterinarian and proof of vaccinations.

Click the links below if you would like to fill out your
details prior to dropping your dog(s) off:

Client & Pet Check-in Sheet
Pet Release Form

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Why does my dog shake when we come in to the spa?

As dogs enter our Spa some may be shaking (nervous) and/or relieve themselves
when they come in. As much as we try to sooth them and make the experience
comfortable, some just don’t like the things that come along with grooming such as
baths, brushing, nails, etc. It’s like going to the dentist for us, we may not necessarily
like it but we have to go. It’s like that for some dogs, they don’t like it but it has to be
done! Again, we do our best to make it as good and as posh of an experience
we can for your pup.

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We do not sedate any pets under any situation.

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Do you provide pick-up and drop-off services?

Unavailable at this time.

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Can my dog stay all day?

Since our waiting area space is limited, it would be greatly appreciated if you can pick
up your pet as soon as possible after being called. If you have any time constraints,
please tell us when you make your appointment and remind us when your dog is
dropped off. We’ll be very happy to work with you.

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Can I stay with my pet?

This is not usually recommended as to get the full co-operation of the dogs
we must have their undivided attention. We will be happy to show you around our
spa. Customers can come and have a look in the spa at any time, as long as their
dogs are not distracted. If a difficulty with a dog arises the owner will be called immediately.

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What kind of experience do your pet stylists have?

Our pet stylists must all have a Diploma from a reputable grooming school along
with at least one year experience in a grooming shop to be employed at Posh Pup Spa.
Janet Basile (owner) also has schooling and experience. All pet stylists attend grooming seminars and shows regularly. We are members of organizations
such as ODGA (Ontario Dog Groomers Association) and IPG (International Professional
Groomer’s Inc.)

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Can you use a shampoo supplied by my vet?

Yes. We also carry our own medicated shampoos, which we highly recommend
for pets with problem skin/ itching/redness etc. Please ask us for a
recommendation based on your dogs skin/coat.

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Should I tip my pet stylist?

The grooming process is a long and difficult one. Pet Stylist’s often have to
contend with dogs that bite and/or constantly move on the table and struggle
with them during the entire grooming process. Our Pet Stylist’s spend a great
deal of time with your dog and take pride in their work, so tips are always
greatly appreciated.

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Do you offer training courses?

Unavailable. We specialize in Spa/Salon services.

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How do you know if my dog needs the “Signature Posh Pup Treatment”
Or the “Posh Pup Bath & Tidy Treatment?”

A bath and tidy includes a bath, blow dry, and brush out, nails, ears (if necessary),
and a tidy up of feathers, feet and sanitary areas where applicable. In other
words, your pet will have the same length of coat and appearance only cleaner
and tidier. The “Signature Posh Pup Treatment” includes a hair cut on the entire
body of your pet.

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What does “matted” mean?

Mats occur when your dog is not brushed properly and their fur becomes extremely
tangled. The knots then become clumped into mats. If the mats are left on the dog
it can result in skin problems as well as over-heating, since the densely matted fur
traps body heat. Mats can also cause bruises and sometimes raw sores, especially
under armpits and the groin. A pet with matted fur may be reluctant to move
because it hurts to walk and he may flinch or snap if you touch him. Some dogs can
be de-matted, however, this is a very painful process and is extremely uncomfortable
for your pet. If extremely matted they will need to be shaved down. This can irritate
the skin or cause clipper burn but may be the only way to get the mats out. The only
answer to the problem of mats is to brush your dog as often as possible and/or bring
them in on a regular schedule.

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