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A La Carte Menu

Nail Pawlish - $10.00
Teeth Cleaning (includes toothbrush) - $10.00
Tear Stain Remover - $7.00
Hot Oil Treatments - Starting from $15.00
De-Skunking - From $32.00 - With groom: From $17.00
Flea Bath - From $32.00 - With groom: From $17.00
Blueberry Brightener - $16.00
Shea Butter Fur Moisturizer - $13.00
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Scrub - From $19.00
Fur Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment - $19.00
Shimmering Mist - $5.00
Mohawk - $12.00

Pet Hair Colouring

Head: $12.00
Mohawk - $12.00
Tail - $12.00
Ears - $15.00
Tail & Ears - $30.00

Pet Glitter: $7.00

Posh Up (Package) BEST SELLER!
(In combination with Spa Menu items only):

Enhance your pup’s spa treatment today with a “Posh Up.
Includes: Shea butter fur balm, blueberry facial and teeth cleaning!


Nail trimming and filing accompanied by a gentle pad massage. A natural
paw balm is used to moisturize and soothe your pup’s pads. Regular nail trimming
ensures your pet does not suffer discomfort from split or broken nails.

Blueberry Facial
(In combination with Spa Menu items only):

This posh treatment is for pups needing a clean face and relaxing head
massage. We use a tearless, soap free and aroma therapeutic brightener
shampoo. This treatment also helps reduce tear stains.

Bubble Bath
(In combination with Spa Menu items only):

Your pup’s paws are soaked in a rejuvenating combination of vanilla and milk
thistle, which helps heal paw damage caused by gravel, asphalt, snow and
salt-treated roads.

Medicated Soak

Effective medicated treatment providing healing relief from hot spots, itching,
fungus, bacteria, infection, crusty skin, dandruff and bites. Perfect for
sensitive skin and allergies.
From $32.00 - With groom: From $17.00

Zen Den Massage

Our experienced pet massage practioner will customize an effective massage
treatment to address your pup’s specific needs. This is a proactive way to
reduce stress, increase muscle tone and improve flexibility. A massage is also
ideal for calming hyperactive pups, and for bringing relief to pets suffering
from painful hip dysphasia, arthritis and backaches.

15 Minutes - $24.00
30 Minutes - $33.00
60 Minutes - $58.00


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